Here come our FAQ:

Is mental coaching for professional athletes only?

Mental Game Coaching is for everyone who likes to improve their mental fitness and performance – no matter the level of skill!

How many sessions will I need?

That very much depends on the issues we have to deal with and your learning curve. Deep-seated problems naturally take a longer time to deal with. We have different packages available – but we recomment to take at least 3 sessions with us. 

Do you only train athletes or also teams?

We offer both! Depending on the nature of the sport, of course, and the issue to look into, it may make sense to coach the entire team, rather than single players only. 

What type of question will you ask?

We will address different aspects around your perfomance. That could be to discuss your last performance or your last training session. You only have to give those information you want. We won’t dive into personal issues. 

Do you do last minute coaching or boot camps?

Yes, we do! Although it takes a bit longer to change thought & behavioural patterns there is still a lot we can accomplish during a boot camp or a last minute preparation for an important game! 

Are the sessions group or single sessions?

Unless the coaching involves the entire team, we don’t do group sessions. In our experience it makes more sense to analyze your very personal issues by itsels and not try to club them together with other athletes issues. 

How can I enroll in the programme?

Once you have decided to go for the programme, just use the contact form and get in touch. We will then discuss the different packages available, do the assessment form and take it from there. 

How about confidentiality?

 Our conversations are 100% confidential! Unless you particularly want us to we will not communicate that we work together.  

Will I be asked personal questions?

 You will not be asked very personal questions. Also you give only as much information as you feel comfortable with.  

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