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This comprehensive guide explains the main mental challenges, Polo Player face. It gives some insight, how these issues usually build up and offers various techniques, particularly designed for Polo Players. Check it out and strengthen your mental muscle!

Polo: The Mental Game

Polo is a sport that combines technical and mental skills. To get into the Zone, you need to master both.

Many Polo Players report the following problems though:

The training performance is a lot better than the game;

Feeling of immense pressure, hitting penalties;

Some days the play like a 10 goaler – others not;

They struggle to keep emotions under control;

They fail to improve and don’t know why;

The above are very common examples. If you are ready to work on the root of those issues, we can together look into them!

About Kristin

Kristin originally studied Economics in Germany and Italy and majored in Marketing & Global Management.
She plays Polo herself and currently holds a handicap of 0. Apart from horse Polo she also plays Elephant Polo and is one of the best (female) players in the world.
Kristin is a Level I IMGCA Certified Mental Game Instructor, and a Sports Mental Trainer, certified by the ZFU in Germany. She undergoes permanent training to gain new knowledge about the latest state-of-the-art techniques in the field of mental training.
Kristin now is the number 1 Mental Game Coach in the field of Polo. She regularly publishes articles in different Polo Magazines. Her advice and coaching techniques are highly sought-after by both, professionals and amateurs. Kristin holds an HPA referee degree C and trains her own Polo skills whenever she finds the time to travel to Argentina

Bewertung: 5 von 5.

I had immense difficulty motivating myself to exercise. Kristin managed to get me to run the first 10km with her after half a year! Thanks very much!

 — Georg

Bewertung: 4 von 5.


 — Fabian M

Player Coaching

Being a successful Polo player I help you to balance technical skills and mental skills to play your maximum potential, get more often into the Zone, play more balanced and be on top of your performance level when „it counts“.  

Team Coaching

As a team, I help you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses as a team. With the Mental Coach you can set your goals and put your strategy together for your A, B and C game – to achieve exceptional results on the pitch.

Trainer Coaching

Being a great Polo trainer, you know how to develop exceptional technical skills to play great Polo. I help you to also understand the mental side of things – to help those of your players, that don’t have technical, but mental issues in their game. 

Special Requests

Whether you are an amateur player or a professional, adult, student or kid – we offer personalized coaching sessions for every level and every age group!

Ask for your special kids rates!

The Coaching Process

Typically we start with the following steps:

~ Schedule a call

Let’s discuss your challenges and targets before making a commitment to a programme. 

~ The assessment

We use the assessment form to understand, where you stand in your performance and what you lack to reach the best player you can be! 

~ The Coaching Process

We give you techniques on hand to diminish those mental issues that are hindering your A game, your Zone experience and your peak performance. 

~ Reach Peak Performance

Be the best you can be and reach your full potential. 

Of course, we ensure full confidentiality through the entire process and cooperation! 

Listen also to the Polo Mental Coach Podcast

Polo Mental Coach Kristin gives you some insights into mental strategies and techniques to improve your performance and play your best Polo!

News and Articles

Kristin regularly publishes articles in various Polo Magazines. Find the latest editions, as well as some case studies, here!

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